SQL Server 2012: DENALI series-THROW statement

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Continuing with my DENALI series, today I would like to talk about the new THROW statement. T-SQL TRY/CATCH were available since SQL Server 2005 but THROW and FINALLY were missing. We have THROW now, but FINALLY is yet to come 🙂

The syntax as follows:

--THROW [ { error_number | @local_variable },
--        { message | @local_variable },
--          { state | @local_variable }
--          ] [ ; ]

A simple example could be as follows:


Another example of THROW, this time inside CATCH block:

USE tempdb;
CREATE TABLE dbo.TestThrow
    INSERT INTO dbo.TestThrow VALUES (1);
    --  Primary key violation, error number
        INSERT dbo.TestThrow(custID) VALUES(1);
        END TRY
            PRINT 'Now in catch block.';
                END CATCH;



There are some notable differences between RIASERROR & THROW which I shall cover in another blog. I have also heard some people talking about deprecation of RAISERROR but I am not sure on this. (However, I don’t think that should be happening)




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