SQL Server Database Migration : DB-Migrate V 3.0 : PowerShell Module to Migrate Databases

This is an update on SQL Server Database Migration PowerShell Module. The change log is mentioned below.

Changes in DB-Migrate V3 on 25th Dec 2012

  1. Reviewed by Aman Dhally – Powershell MVP. Thanks a lot Aman for review and your valuable comments.
  2. Fixed bug when attaching databases with –IsCopy = false. Log file path isn’t included when attaching database from same path
  3. The database is now attached back to source instance attach to destination instance errors out.
  4. Added a parameter –IsDelete to remove database files from source instance once database is moved to destination instance.
  5. Added parameter –databasename to move specific database.

The version 3.0 is available here http://sdrv.ms/1fFzr9S

Download and rename the file to DB-Migrate.psm1. Check below blog for how to install and use DB-Migrate module


DB-Migrate V1.0

DB-Migrate V2.0

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