SQL Server Day 26 Oct 2013 – Hyderabad SQL Geeks storm the weather

It has been a long time I have written a blog and this is not a technical blog. I wanted to share my experience with the first two events of SQLServerGeeks – SQL Server Day in Hyderabad. It all started in August when I went to Bangalore for SQL Server Day on 3rd August to experience how the event is conducted. Thanks to Amit for inviting me and it all fell into place in understanding how these huge events are organized. And trust me a lot of preparation and planning goes into conducting the 3-4hr event.

As promised Amit drove all the way from Bangalore in helping me organize the first event in Hyderabad on 14th September, 2013. The response was tremendous and the experience was undeniably precious. Over 250+ geeks turned out to the event exceeding our expectations. We had to finally stretch the conference hall and add in the third projector to accommodate the audience. Seriously, I was nervous. Talking for the first time in INDIA about SQL 2014 In-Memory OLTP and to such a large audience! I started nervously but the understanding of the audience over the topic was clearly demonstrated with the level of technical questions that followed. It almost cut down 10 min from Amit’s session.


And Amit, as usual, spread his charm with the demo oriented session by unveiling many unknown features of SQL Server 2012. Again the “I didn’t know that existed in SQL Server” expression of audience is clear in the below pics. The power of using Excel for analyzing and making a DBAs life simpler to explain to the managers was open heartedly accepted by everyone in the room. I would also like to thank Sanjiv for making the arrangement on a short notice in the Microsoft IDC which is known for its strict security guidelines.


The next event on 26th October, 2013 was a challenge for me and Sanjiv. With phailin cyclone affecting whole AP and continuous downpour for 3 days in a row the enthusiasm and commitment of the SQLServerGeeks community is not battered. The crowd started slow but 180+ turnout was unexpected. To start the event with the skype call to connect with the audience in Bangalore was a surprise for the audience. The fun slides had filled all geeks with smiles and the Saturday morning fever was well handled.



The deep technical sessions on Memory internals by Sanjiv and my Parallelism were well received by the techies. All in all, the event doesn’t end well if it is not with the goodies. On 14th Sep, Sourabh Surana has won the Microsoft SQL Server branded 16 GB pen drive and on 26th Oct, Bharath Yallambatla has won the Microsoft SQL Server branded laptop bag. Congratulations to the winners and there are more to come.


Last but not the least I would like to thank each and every individual personally who has attended and made these events a grand success. Hyderabad SQLServerGeeks community rocks always.

And a must watch, our video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAFhDwXxlzM

You can view the feed on the events at below links:

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