SQL Server – Do You Know Row Constructors?

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You may have heard this name earlier. But I am sure; many of you don’t have enough information about the Row Constructor. Well don’t worry; I am going to give you some heads up:

  • The Row Constructors is a new feature for SQL Server 2008.
  • It provides a convenient way to supply hard-coded values directly in a subquery.
  • The VALUES clause is wrapped in parenthesis, as in every hard-coded row. It requires an alias and a column alias list, also in parenthesis.
  • So, the Row Constructors can be used in the FROM clause and joined just like any other type of data source.
  • The following examples will make this more clear to you…This is an example which shows Simple Use of Row Constructors-
(VALUES (10,20),
(90,100)) AS SimpleRowConstructor(m,n)

The results can be seen as:


  • We can also use the ALL clause, where it must be true for all every value. So, you can see with the example:
    (VALUES (33),
    ) AS ValuesResult(a)

The result can be seen as:



While dealing with the ALL condition, keep in mind that if there happens any value to be null, then no values being returned.

  • We can use the SOME and ANY condition, which returns true if the condition is met for any values in the subquery result set. For e.g.,
    (VALUES (33),
    ) AS ValuesGrade(a)

The result can be seen as:


Well this was all about row constructor.

Hope you liked it 🙂



Piyush Bajaj

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3 Comments on “SQL Server – Do You Know Row Constructors?”

  1. Not sure why have you mixed up ANY,SOME and ALL clauses with Row construtors.These clauses are not Row construtor dependent.

  2. @Sachin,

    I think he wanted to show that these options can be used and compatible with Row Constuctor.

  3. @Sarab

    The reason I raised this up was because the blog content might give an impression to a novice that all these clauses are only row constructor dependent.

    Anyways no issues…

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