SQL Server Management Studio 2008 Enhancement Features

The SSMS has several new commands and features to help you administer your server, write queries or develop applications. You can use these commands\Features to work more effeciently. Some features are not available in all types of Query editors.

  • Incremental Search: A search is performed on a letter-by-letter basis as you type. To activate an incremental search, press CTRL+I.
  • IntelliSense: When a function or stored procedure is entered into a query, its complete syntax and arguments are shown in a ToolTip. For more information, see Using IntelliSense.
  • Line Numbering: Display line numbers in code. You can do this on a per-language basis or for all languages. After line numbering has been activated, you can go to a particular line by clicking Go To on the Edit menu, or by pressing CTRL+G. For more information, see Navigating Code and Text.

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