Replication Monitoring in SQL Server

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When you want to monitor Replication Environment or record performance metrics, some useful Performance counters are as follow:

SQLServer:Replication Agent – only 1 counter, that shows the number of replication agents running on the server

SQL Server:Replication Log Reader – shows the following:

Commands per second

Transactions per second


SQL Server:Replication Dist – Shows the statistics for the distributor with the same counters as for the Log Reader

SQL Server:Replication Merge – Shows the statistics for the Merge agent

Conflicts per second

Downloaded changes per second

Updates per second

SQL Server:Replication Snapshot – Shows the statistics for the Snapshot agent

Delivered commands per second

Delivered transactions per second


The objects and counters are laid down and categorized by replication type. SO you can being from which replication type you want to monitor.



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