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We occasionally organize SQL Server Day events in various parts of India and also conduct web casts for our global audience. Here you can find all event resources including slide decks, code snippets, etc. Enjoy!

Event Downloads
SQLServerGeeks Virtual Symposium, May 2021 SQL Server & Azure SQL
SQLServerGeeks Virtual Symposium, May 2020 SQL Server 2019 & Azure SQL
SQL Server Day, Hyderabad, 20 February 2016 DPD_20_Feb_2016_HYD.zip
SQL Server Day, Hyderabad, 11 April 2015 sqlservergeeks_SSISProjectModel_April11_2015
SQL Server Day, Gurgaon, 21 March 2015 Extended Events
Updatable Columnstore Index
SQL Server Day, Gurgaon, 21 February 2015 Delayed_Durability.zip
SQL Server Day, Hyderabad, 14 February 2015 Data_Archive and Purge.zip
SQL Server Day, Bangalore, 14 February 2015 Azure SQL Databases – Introduction and Migration.pptx
Why & How of Cloud.pdf
SQL Server Day, Gurgaon, 17 January 2015 IntroductiontoSQLAzure.pdf
SQL Server Day, Hyderabad, 17 January 2015 BufferPoolExtensions.rar
SQL Server Day, Hyderabad, 25 January 2014 SQL_OS_25Jan14_Hyd.rar
SQL Server Day, Delhi NCR, 11 January 2014 OptimizationFromTheField-Parallelism.zip
SQL Server Day, Bangalore, 26 Oct 2013 Locking_Internals_Amit_Bansal.ppt
SQL Server Day, Delhi NCR, 26 Oct 2013 Cracking-Execution-Plans.ppt
SQL Server Day, Hyderabad, 26 Oct 2013 Lets_Attack_PARALLELly.zip
SQL-Server-2008-Memory-Internals. zip
SQL Server Day, Bangalore, 28 Sep 2013 BIG-DATA-Next-Step.pdf
SQL Server Day, Hyderabad, 14 Sep 2013 In-Memory-OLTP_Final.ppt
SQL Server Day, Gurgaon, 14 Sep 2013 DB-Creation-with-table-and-value-inserts.txt
TroubleshootingFromtheFiled -Part-2.ppt
SQL Server Day, Bangalore, 3 Aug 2013 Tabular-for-DBA’s.pptx
SSG Webcast_2Mar2013_Saturday _SQLServer2012AlwaysOn_Amit Bansal 02_Mar_2013_ALwaysOn_AmitBansal.pdf
SQL Server Day, Bangalore, 23 February 2013 Final-SQL-Server-memory-architecture – and-debugging-memory-Issues.ppt
SQL Server Day, Gurgaon, 16 February 2013 Creating_SQL_Performance_Baseline.pdf
SSG webcast_08Nov2012_Tap is the only solution ver.2_Sarabpret Singh Tap_is_the_only_Solution_ver2_RG_ Sarabpreet_singh_anand.pdf
SQL Server Day, Bangalore, 15 September 2012 Amit_Bansal_SQLServerDay_ 15Sep_2012.zip
SQL Server Day Gurgaon Septermber 2012 SQLServerDay_8Sep_2012_DelhiNCR.zip
SSG webcast_23Aug2012_AmitBansal_ ColumnstoreIndexes_Part 1 Columnstore_index_part1.zip
SSG webcast-9aug2012 -TransactionalReplicationLatency-Abhay Latency_Tran_Repl.ppt
SQL Server Day Bangalore July 2012 TapSolution_Resource_Governor.pdf
SSG webcast_19July2012 _QueryExecutionPlan_AhmadOsama Execution_Plan_A_Primer.zip
SSG webcast_31May2012_ TransactionReplication_AbhayChaudhary Repl_Webcast_Abhay.zip
SSG webcast_16may2012_ Log Shipping_Sarabpret Singh Log_Shipping_Webcast.pdf
SQL Server Day Delhi NCR May 5, 2012 Content-SQL-Server-Day.zip
SSG webcast_27Apr2012_AmitBansal_ SQL 2012 Dev SQL-Server-2012-Developers.zip
SQL Server Day Mumbai April14_2012_Content SQL_Server_Day_Content.zip
SQL Server day Kolkata April 07_2012 SQL_Server_Day.zip
GIDS April 2012 GIDS-April-2012_Amit_Bansal.zip
SSG webcast-27 March 2012_Concurrency-Amit Bansal Concurrecy.zip
SQLServerDay Bangalore March 17 Contents.zip
SSG Webcast_15Mar2012_Thurs_Index Tuning_Amit Bansal Index-Tuning.zip
SSG webcast-21feb2012-locking Internals-Amit Bansal Locking_Internals.pdf
SQL Server Day-August 6, 2011, Chennai Locking_Internals.pdf
performance_troubleshooting_ tempdb.zip
SQLServer_Myths_and_ Realities.zip
SQL Server Day-JUly 30 2011, Gurgaon DatabaseUnitTesting.pdf
TechED India 2011 resources CEP_Power-your-middleware-with- StreamInsight.pdf
SQL Server Day DelhiNCR Dec 2010 DatabaseUnitTesting.pdf
SQL Server Day Mumbai Nov 2010 ABSSD_Mumbai_01_Axure.pdf
ABSSD_Mumbai_02_ MDX_Amit.txt
SQL Server Day Bangalore Nov 2010 ABSSD_Bang_01_BI.pdf



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  1. Can you upload the meterial for SSGA2015 as per your post in FB. I was not able to attend but i would like to check out the meterial.

  2. hi i cannot locate the SSRS_managed-data material that is said to be here. i need to see how to use SSRS to insert data into a table in SQL.

  3. hi guys,

    is the sample project “SSRS_ManageData.rar” still available? would be great to understand the logic to be able to implement something similar in my company. thanks very much.


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