SQL Server: sp_msforeachdb – undocumented stored procedure

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In my last blog, I talked about sp_msforeachtable. You can find it here;

In this post, I want to talk about sp_msforeachdb. Some member here already posted comments on my previous blog. Thanks to them.

sp_msforeachdb allows to iterate through all the databases in you instance. Here are some examples:

sp_MSforeachdb 'USE [?]; EXEC sp_spaceused'


sp_MSforeachdb 'USE [?]; EXEC sp_helpfile'


Another interesting use could be to change all the DB owners to sa.

EXEC sp_MSforeachdb
@command1='use ?; exec sp_changedbowner ''sa'''

Now , all this being said, please note that this stored proc is undocumented and unsupported. It might be discontinued in the future. I also read on internet that some people found bugs in this sp where it missed some databases while iterating through them. Don’t know why. You can certainly use it but I don’t recommend its usage for critical tasks.



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