SQL Server – User Defined Function (UDF) – How to Convert Text String to Title Case?

Hello Folks, you might be wondering for a function which would help you to convert your text input into a Title Case (or Proper Case) in SQL Server. Since T-SQL lacks a function to convert text to title case. So, it has to be User Defined.

Therefore, the following will surely accomplish you task:

CREATE FUNCTION udf_TitleCase (@a nvarchar(max))
RETURNS nvarchar(max)
    DECLARE @b int
    SET @b = 1
    SELECT @a = UPPER(SUBSTRING(@a,1,1))+LOWER(SUBSTRING(@a,2,LEN(@a)-1))+' '
    WHILE @b < LEN(@a)
        SELECT @b=CHARINDEX(' ',@a,@b)
        SELECT @a=SUBSTRING(@a,1,@b)+UPPER(SUBSTRING(@a,@b+1,1))+SUBSTRING(@a,@b+2,LEN(@a)-@b+1)    
        SELECT @b=@b+1
    RETURN @a

Now, we will test this function by giving an input:

SELECT dbo.udf_TitleCase('SQL sErVer gEEks iS a vEry gOOd coMMunity wEB sitE') AS TitleCase;

So, you can see the result below:



Hope you like it 🙂



Piyush Bajaj

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