SQL Server Webcast – SQLServerGeeks weekly webcast – 21st February 2012 at 3 p.m. IST

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SQLServerGeeks.com is organizing one SQL Server webcast a week, absolutely free for the SQL Server community. It is your opportunity to hear one expert every week. We will bring you sessions on SQL Server Database & Business Intelligence platform. It is your opportunity to learn from credible speakers from Microsoft, MVP community & SQL Server specialists. We sincerely hope, it’s a great source of learning for you! Do your bit for SQL Server community by spreading the word about our webcasts: yet another endeavor by us for the vibrant SQL Server community that we all are part of. Hope you like it!

Coming Tuesday, 21 Feb at 3 pm IST, Amit Bansal will present an intriguing webcast on “SQL Server Locking Internals”. In this session, Amit will demystify the locking and concurrency behavior of SQL Server. This is going to be a demo heavy session, so you will be apply your learnings in your day to day dealing with SQL Server.


The webcast will start at sharp 3 p.m. IST!  To register, click on the link below:


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