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Amit Bansal is always brainstorming around SQL Server. Despite working with SQL since 1997, he is amazed that he keeps learning new things every single day. SQL Server is AB's first love, and his wife does not mind that. He tries to share as much and spreads the SQL goodness. Internals and Performance Tuning excites him, and also gives him sleepless nights at times, simply because he is not a genius, but quite a hard worker and does not give up. It has been a long and exciting journey since 1997, you can read here: http://sqlmaestros.com/amit-bansal/ He is on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/A_Bansal

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4 Comments on “SQL Server xp_cmdshell proxy account information cannot be retrieved or is invalid. Verify that the ‘##xp_cmdshell_proxy_account##’ credential exists and contains valid information”

  1. The first thing you should have done is delete all the code. Calling xp_cmshdell from client code is a big mistake and just asking for trouble. Can’t believe someone implemented something as bad as this is the first place!

  2. ery useful information. The delete of the proxy use by “NULL” doesn’t seem to work I still get the credentials error. Does SQL server need to be restarted?

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