SQLServerGeeks.com Core Team 2014-2015

Hi Friends,

It gives me immense pleasure to announce the new board/core team of SQLServerGeeks.com for the year 2014-2015.

President                            :               Sarabpreet Singh Anand

Vice President                   :               Manohar Punna

Chief Technical Editor     :               Ahmad Osama

Editor & Mentor               :               Kanchan Bhattacharya

Mentor                                :               Prince Rastogi



For all of us, it’s really SQLServerGeeks ver 2.0 🙂 and let me explain that!

Since 2010, I held the position of President and along with Sarabpreet & Ahmad, we took SQLServerGeeks to great heights. Some notable achievements were to have more than 30 authors writing quality content for the site and organize free SQL Server Day events pan India. We were committed to create a platform where SQL enthusiasts can blog, speak and participate in community activities – and we achieved that well! We saw more and more members join our FB group making it the largest SQL group on FB.

Last year, Manohar joined our core team and kick-started SQL Server Day events in Hyderabad, a huge hit!


This year, Prince and Kanchan joined us and we all together have taken blogging to next level. On an average, we produce more than 10 blog posts every day. Yes, every day! Watch our series here. And the credit goes to all our authors and the core team members!

Moving forward, we have new plans and initiatives in place. And we needed restructuring for this. And obviously, for our long time core team members, promotion was always in air!

So what are our new initiatives? Well, you need to wait for the President & Vice President to announce that!

For me, I am the outgoing President and I am loving this moment of handing over the baton to the new core team – they will do a much better job than I did! They will take SSG to new heights and engage the SQL community like never before! I am sure they will also expand the core team to induct new members as they feel necessary! They are a bunch of great, open-minded, sincere community folks!

There is one open request I have to the new board: A leader is not known by how many followers he has; A leader is known by how many leaders he nurtures! So give opportunity to new SQL enthusiasts to showcase whatever they want, give them opportunity to come forward and share their expertise, mentor them, guide them and bring out the SQL rockstar in them – there are many out there! Be an enabler and that is the vision of SQLServerGeeks I always had! Years back, when there was no such platform in India, I created SQLServerGeeks as a platform so that others do not struggle the way I did! I am sure the new board will consider this request 🙂

So where am I going?

Nowhere. I am right here working for SQL community, as always! I will continue to speak at events, continue to blog, continue to answer questions, and continue to mentor people who want to become authors and speakers. And I will continue to support the core team in their endeavors and new initiatives.

Next week I travel to US for PASS Summit 2014 – world’s largest SQL Server conference run by some great SQL stalwarts. I am very humbled that I will be speaking at this great conference! And as always, I will represent SQLServerGeeks along with Manohar who joins me at the conference!

Now please join me in congratulating the new board – HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS to Sarabpreet Singh, Manohar Punna, Ahmad Osama, Kanchan Bhattacharya & Prince Rastogi – you guys are true SQL rockstars – wish you all the best!



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  1. Hearty congrats to all new board/core team of SQLServerGeeks.com for the year 2014-2015.

    Suhas Kudekar

  2. Thank you each and every member of the community. And the real leaders are you SQL Geeks who run the community.

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