New SQL Tutorials Released

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New SQL Tutorials available:

  • Removing SORT Operator – SQL Server Execution Plans
  • TSQL TOP Clause Deterministic vs Non-Deterministic
  • TSQL WHERE Clause applies after ON Clause
  • Monitoring Waiting Tasks (Groups) in SQL Server
  • SQL Server CPU Queue
  • SQL Server Index Union Operation

Browse all of them.

Other news item from the SQL world:

  • DPS 2022 Pre-Cons are announced. Learn more. You may be keen on Query Store & Extended Events Deep Dive classes. Choose from eight virtual classes.
  • A new master class recording on SQL Server Query Tuning & Optimization is released by SQLMaestros. 28 hours. Learn more.
  • Peopleware India has 40+ Training Class recordings to choose from. Check out.

Stay tuned, more SQL goodness on the way.

SQLServerGeeks Team.
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