#SSGAS2015 Discussion Weeks

Hello Geeks,

SQLServerGeeks has been part of our lives for more than 5 years now. We started small and have grown into this huge community with more than 60,000 members. You have been the driving force behind this community. We, as a community, strongly believe in giving back to the community. We have blogged. We have answered questions and shared knowledge on various social media. We have conducted webcasts. We have organized the SQL Server Day events across India with an average of 150+ attendees at all our events. All this for free.

Now it’s time to do something big and you all know what it is. SQLServerGeeks Annual Summit 2015. The biggest ever SQL Server conference in Asia with world renowned legends of industry coming together to share their knowledge. What more can you ask for? Before you answer that question, here is what we want to offer you.

#SSGAS2015 Discussion Weeks.

Here is your chance to showcase and share your knowledge and win two FREE PASSES every week to #SSGAS2015. Starting 1st June, there will be two question every week on different topics of SQL Server. These will be posted on the SQLServerGeeks facebook group. One question will be posted on Monday and another one on Wednesday. The participants of this challenge need to provide their Analysis/Answer in detail.

The evaluation will be done by the Technical Advisory Board of SQLServerGeeks and their decision would be final.


Here is a tip: When providing your analysis/answer do your research and detail your steps. The first thing I heard from my technical lead when I joined Microsoft is “Nothing is obvious”. Everything happens in SQL Server because it is a program written with instructions to perform a task. So look with our eyes wide open will help. Draft your reply, proof read and then post it. Remember, the prize is a free pass to the most happening event of the year where you will witness international leaders of the industry.

WHAT IF I HAVE ALREADY REGISTERED OR PLANNING TO REGISTER. Go Ahead. We have thought through this. Do not miss the June pricing waiting for the free pass. If you are a winner, we will REIMBURSE your registration fee. Yes, this conference is all about GIVING BACK TO THE COMMUNITY. #SSGAS2015 Discussion Weeks is one way of putting our intentions clear and in action.

Happy Analyzing,

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Manohar Punna is a Microsoft Data Platform Consultant and a Data Platform MVP. In his day to day job he works on building database and BI systems, automation, building monitoring systems, helping customers to make value from their data & explore and learn. By passion Manohar is a blogger, speaker and Vice President of DataPlatformGeeks. He is a community enthusiast and believes strongly in the concept of giving back to the community. Manohar is a speaker at various Data Platform events from SQL Server Day, various user groups, SQLSaturdays, SQLBits, MS Ignite, SSGAS & DPS. His One DMV a Day series is the longest one day series on any topic related to SQL Server available so far.

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