SQLServerGeeks Annual Summit 2015 Feedback


Participant’s Experience In One Word

Rashi Aggarwal says “Good.”

Mohan Rajendran says “Good.”

Azad R Sale says “Good.”

Koushik says “Very productive and informative.”

Madhu karthik says “Very good.”

Bambam gautam says “Excellent.”

Channdeep Singh says “SQLCAT team rocked….few of other speakers were also amazing….few were average. But it was great learning overall….and wish if there can be a complete school of such awesome set of trainers..”

Devesh Srivastava says “Awesome.”

Debobrata Sarkar says “Awesome.”

Naveen says “Very good.”

Veena Mali says “Overall very good sessions and nice to interact with expert professionals face to face. Should involve more practical hands on sessions.”

Prasad Emani says “It was good.”

Nandish Abbu Krishna says “Excellent.”

Subodh Patil says “Each and every session very useful and I learned many things.”

Balakrishna Deekonda says “Very good.”

Mohammed Khaja Mohiuddin says “It was very good and informative.”

Chella Ganesh Manjunath says “It was good.”

Rakeshkumar Kikani says “Very Good.”

Rohit Paliwal says “Some sessions were really good, rest were just average.”

Vikas says “Great.”

Ashwani says “All session are good and interaction with them about doubt also good , they handle all query very well. over all good experience.”

Gopu Srinivas says “Excellent.”

Manasi says “The sessions were very rich in terms of content and kowledge.”

Praneet Kumar says “Good.”

Arun Kumar Saha says “Good.”

Rajib Kundu says “Nice.”

NIMMAGADDA SITARAMA SASTRY says “It was fabulous to be a part of sql servergeeks family for 3 days. We would like to see more and more events to happen across india at least quarterly once.”

Dipen says “They very professional.”

Rajavignesh Paranirajan says “Awesome.”

Reshmavalli says “It was very good.”

Rajiv Kumar says “Good to have people with wealth of knowledge at one place.”

Sudarsan N says “Great.”

Subodh Diwakar says “It was a mix of experience. Some were good. Others could have been better..”

Upendra Patel says “Its was great.”

Panduranga Rao Goli says “Simply Mind Blowing…. no words to say.”

Syamjith M says “Very nice.”

Anoop Agarwal says “All speakers had the knowledge and were helpful

Gyan Ranjan says “Overwhelmed by the knowledge shared.”

Parag Bandkar says “Speakers were great. What to say about MCM , MVP & MCSM. It was a treat to see and hear them in person. Speakers like Nauzad and Sunil, Benjamin truely parted their knowledge.”

Trupti Palande says “Very good.”

Sampada Gumansingh says “Speaker’s presentation style, way of communication was good. They were interactive.”

Usha Vithal Jogi says “Good.”

Vibek Kumar Sharma says “Outstanding.”

Sourav Agasti says “Excellent. It was an amazing oppurtunity to meet your heroes.”

Vikneshraj SP says “Awesome!”

Yogeshwar Phull says “It was great to learn from SQL Stalwarts.”

Manish Kumar Rakheja says “Some of them were really good but some had very less knowledge on subject.”

Neeraj Yadav says “It was wonderful experience with lots of learnings and networking.”

Naveed Khan says “Good.”