Ajay Jagannathan

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Ajay Jagannathan

Senior Program Manager, Microsoft, USA

Ajay Jagannathan is a Senior Program Manager with the SQL Server Data Platform Group, based in Redmond, WA, USA. He has a B.S. in Electronics and Communication Engineering, M.S. in Computer Science and over 18 years of industry experience. He is currently responsible for Program Management of database engine features for in-market versions of SQL Server. In addition to this, he also works closely with several Tier 1 SQL Server customers as well as partners in the field to understand and gather information about product usage and feedback to drive improvements into the product. Prior to this role, he was an Escalation Engineer in SQL Server CSS for several years. He has deep understanding and experience in various features of the product spanning over eight versions of SQL Server, starting with SQL Server 6.5 and up to and including SQL Server 2016.


Session Details

Session Title & Code Abstract Level Track
SQL Server 2016 – Performance, Scale and Diagnostics Improvements for a Screaming Database Engine – (DBA-01A) This session will talk about several improvements in the Database Engine for SQL Server 2016 that addresses some of the most common customer pain points involving tempdb, new CE, partitioning, alter column as well as diagnostics for troubleshooting query plans, memory grants, AlwaysOn and Backup/Restore. Come see this demo filled session to understand these changes in performance and scale of the database engine, new and improved diagnostics for faster troubleshooting and mitigation. Learn the benefits of upgrading and using these features to run SQL Server workloads with screaming performance. Advanced DBA
Improve Application Availability Using Online Operations in SQL Server – (DBA-02A) No DBA would like their 24×7 mission critical OLTP application to be down just for database maintenance activities. This demo filled session shows you how you can leverage new enhancements for some of the most common database administration tasks – Partitioning and Online Index Rebuilds and make them run efficiently thereby improving application availability. Advanced DBA


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