Aniruddha Deswandikar


Aniruddha Deswandikar

Head of Microsoft Technology Center, Microsoft, India

Aniruddha Deswandikar heads the Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) at Bangalore. The MTC engages with Microsoft Customers and Partners with a sole purpose of making them successful with their vision of building efficient enterprise systems on the Microsoft Platform. Through various offerings and practices, the MTC Architects help customers with Architecture and Technology Strategy for building their next generation systems and products across various Industry workloads.

Aniruddha has 23 years of Industry Experience across startups and large corporations. He has been with Microsoft for 9 years. Before Microsoft, he worked at as a senior developer where he helped build backend systems to support Netflix’s Internet Scale business.


Session Details

Session Title Abstract Level Track
SMAC and the Future of Data Analytics – (BIA-04I) Social and Mobile Data Analytics is now mainstream. And Cloud is making it accessible to companies that wish to analyze data from millions of devices and improve predictions for their business, provide better services to the customers and increase customer mindshare. Yet, the Smart Apps running on Smart Phones seem rather dull and are very heavily dependent on this huge source of intelligence in the cloud and users seem to be at the mercy of the quality of connection they have and amount of power left on their device.

Is there a way out? Are there some novel architectures out there that can truly empower these Apps and make them smarter? Is it possible for these Apps to take on some of the Data Analytics using the powerful hardware under them? What would it take to make these Apps passively-active? I would love to share my thoughts around this and also listen to your ideas in this breakout session.

Intermediate BIA


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