Joseph D’Antoni


Joseph D’Antoni

Principal Architect, DC&A, Malvern

Joseph D’Antoni is an Senior Consultant and SQL Server MVP with over a decade of experience working in DBA and Architect roles in Fortune 50 and smaller firms. He is a Principal Architect for Denny Cherry and Associates and lives in Malvern, PA. He is a frequent speaker at major tech events (Microsoft Ignite, PASS Summit), and blogger about all topics technology. He believes that no single platform is the answer to all technology problems. He holds a BS in Computer Information Systems from Louisiana Tech University and an MBA from North Carolina State University, and is the co-author of the Microsoft white paper “Using Power BI in a Hybrid Environment”.

Joey will be delivering a couple of breakout sessions at SQLServerGeeks Annual Summit 2015.His sessions will be focused towards DBA, Azure & Big Data tracks. Joey is equally excited to be part of Asia’s First SQL Conference. This will be his first trip to India as well.


Session Details

Session Title & Code Abstract Level Track
Dealing with Bad Roomates–SQL Server Resource Governor – (DBA-05I) Do you manage systems with a wide variety or workloads? Given budgeting and licensing constraints database servers have seen dramatic amounts of database consolidation. Managing performance in a densely consolidated environments is always a challenge–you have some users who are trying to run reports, while you have other uses that are trying to execute OLTP workloads. What if there was a way to do load balancing between these workloads, while putting your feet up on your desk? Well, there is and it’s called the Resource Governor.

The Resource Governor was introduced in SQL Server 2008, and has progressively gotten better and new features have gotten added–starting with SQL Server 2014 you can limit I/O use. In this session you will learn about how the Resource Governor works, as well as best practices and use cases. You will learn how to profile your workloads and keep all of your users and applications happy.

Intermediate DBA
5 Steps to Being a Top DBA-Learning Automation in SQL Server – (DBA-06I) Being a DBA is tough job–there are on call situations to deal with, and managing a large amount of servers with less resources is a constant challenge in corporate environments. In this session you will learn techniques to reduce the amount of manual effort in your job, and keep you three steps ahead of your users. Learn techniques such as:

  • Fully Automating SQL Server Installations
  • Dynamically Adding Databases to an Availability Group
  • Syncing jobs and logins between Availability Group members
  • Patching SQL Servers automatically
  • Other techniques for process automation

This session will benefit both Junior and Senior DBAs, as well as anyone who wants to automate themselves into a promotion..

Intermediate DBA
AlwaysOn Availability Groups Best Practices and Notes from the Field – (DBA-05A) AlwaysOn Availability Groups are a key part of any modern disaster recovery using SQL Server. In this session you will learn about best practices for implementation, changes in each version of SQL Server, and an understanding of how Windows needs to be configured for optimal performance. We will also share case studies and best practices from many implementations in the wild. Advanced DBA
Flying Through the Clouds-Performance Tuning in Azure – (CL-03I) So between your management and Microsoft, it’s been decided that you are moving your SQL Server workloads to the cloud. Whether it’s Microsoft Azure SQL Database or running SQL Server in a VM, there are unique performance tuning challenges that are different in a cloud environment. Just like when you moved your SQL Servers from physical to virtual environments, you will learn new techniques for tuning workloads. In this session you will learn about:

  • Optimizing TempDB in an Azure VM
  • Reducing latency between application VMs and database VMs
  • Right sizing Azure VMs for performance and cost
  • Striping I/O across devices in Azure VMs
  • Performance Tuning in Azure DB

You will learn about techniques that will not just improve your system performance, but save you company money, which can be easily quantified just in time for your performance review.

Intermediate CL


Don’t miss SQLServerGeeks Annual Summit at NIMHANS Convention Centre in Bangalore, August 27 – 29, 2015!

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