Kalpesh J Parmar


Kalpesh J Parmar

Director IT Operations, AaNeel Technology Solutions, India

Kalpesh J Parmar aka “Vic Parmar” Director IT Operations at AaNeel Technology Solutions. Vic is a seasoned player over 20 years of IT industry experience specializing in Cross platform solutions, being a member of the company’s leadership team, he focuses on delivering key product architectures with innovation and excellence.

He has been awarded the Microsoft MVP for his work in Client Application Development, Vic also manages India’s largest .Net community called as the “Bangalore .Net Community” and is a well-known speaker and loves to speak on Web Technologies, Mobile, Cloud and IoT.

He is also a self-proclaimed Gadget enthusiast and spends free time on IoT and things to do with electronics, Vic is currently working with healthcare related IoT taking real time data to the Azure cloud for analytics, apart from Electronics Vic enjoys photography, is a member in many photography groups, he is a Naturalist and loves frogs and snakes.


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Session Title & Code Abstract Level Track
IoT and Azure Stream Analytics Query Language – (CL-04I) If you are an expert in SQL, it’s time to learn SAQL (Stream Analytics Query Language), the query language that gets data form devices, sensors, web sites, applications, static data, historic data, social media, and infrastructure systems to name a few, allowing you to do real-time analytic computations, detect patterns or the lack of patterns, visualize, alert, or act in near real-time, with various capabilities such as filtering, performing windowing functions on live streaming data and join multiple streams from various inputs in real time.

The future of data analytics and you is not just SQL Server. The future is in the vast amount of data that gets generated from connected devices, IoT and many such sources. Come join me in exploring the limitless possibilities that Azure Stream Analytics and SAQL brings on the table.

Intermediate CL


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