Lakshmana Kumar Kothapalli


Lakshmana Kumar Kothapalli

Director, S&P Capital IQ, India

Lakshmana is a technologist and enjoys solving problems, help people solve problems and deliver products and services to the customers with great quality and consistency. He loves working with DATA, and he loves SQL.

Lakshmana has 12+ years of rich experience in building and supporting business critical products and applications with Very Large Data at their core using various SDLC methods and technologies. 7+ years of experience in coaching and leading multiple teams to deliver time critical projects both in development and operations space. This often included adopting new technologies, creating new processes, bringing in new talent, both form market and schools, building leadership capacity and transforming them into high performance teams and help them succeed.

In critical situations Lakshmana rolls up his sleeves to work along with the team in resolving the problem and use such opportunities to help the team learn which satisfies his inner core which always wants to be hands on.

Lakshmana is an expert in designing, building, implementing and supporting large databases, data ingestion and batch processing, performance tuning and optimizing code and queries which processes large volumes of data in real-time, data replication for high availability and scalability for high-volume transactional data, distributed data caching and load balancing, text searching, database virtualization using following technologies:
Microsoft SQL Server, Transactional Replication, Log Shipping, Integration Services, Reporting Services, Windows and SQL Server Failover Clustering, HP Vertica, Apache Solr, Delphix, F5 Load Balancers, and HP 3PAR and EMC SAN and C#.

Lakshmana’s curiosity to experiment with what he learned always helped him master what he learned and his education, which covers electronics and applications helps him to troubleshoot low level and complicated technical problems very quickly.

In his current job, Lakshmana leads a group of world class Database Administrators who are not only accountable for keeping the businesses up and running but also work on multi-million dollar projects targeted for improving stability, performance and scalability to help business grow further. His team is distributed between Hyderabad and Gurgaon and they work very closely with their counterparts across the globe.


Session Details

Session Title & Code Abstract Level Track
How to become a Rich DBA? – (DBA-07I) Since my first job I worked on many technically challenging projects and worked with many talented leaders and team members who motivated and inspired me and encouraged me to keep learning new things. This includes both technical aspects and more importantly non-technical aspects which helped me grow myself and people around me. In my session I will share some of my experiences and how they helped me, my team and our business:

Best practices you can adopt as Database Engineer.

How Database Administrators can help application developers understand potential challenges related to data growth.

Simple techniques to monitor and analyze storage capacity using custom SSMS reports for Database Administrators.

SAN technologies that we use in our business which allows us to present terabytes of refreshed data to our customers and to our internal users in minutes.

Why it is important to spend quality time on learning and practicing few non-technical aspects which your job my not expect from you today.

Intermediate DBA


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