Mayank Shukla


Mayank Shukla

Senior Software Developer, TriZetto Corporation, India

Mayank Shukla is passionate about SQL and SSIS learning. He always strive to learn more about the technology and create some tools which should make the life easy for the developers. Mayank does not believe in following the trends but try to create my own. He loves sharing his knowledge with the community by giving demos and sessions as he believes teaching is the best way of learning.


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SSIS Utility for Variable Comparison, Search and Trail – (BIA-05I) Demo of SSIS Utility –
Business Intelligence is always an important area for analysis, reporting and Data integration.
Most popular module within Microsoft BIDS is SSIS which supplements our Sql Data demands.
Lot of engineers working on SSIS maintenance projects struggle for below challenges:

  1. Comparing different SSIS packages to determine what change was done by other person
  2. Search for a column or a query within the SSIS Variable Expressions as Microsoft doesn’t provide any search facility for this
  3. Trace the use of Variables within the SSIS Package, to make sure deleting or modifying an existing variable will not affect our existing package.

To address above concerns, I have created a tool which easily addresses these issues and makes our life easy. Currently this tool is used by my whole team including Onsite. It also helped my colleagues of previous organization.
Realizing its use in SSIS world, I have shared the code on codeplex and expect our community to contribute to this.

Intermediate BIA


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