Raj Chaudhuri


Raj Chaudhuri

CEO, Rajware, India

Raj Chaudhuri is a lifelong student and enthusiast of information technology. His passion is to apply technology within real-world constraints to solve real-world problems. In a career spanning over two decades, he has played many roles, some of which are trainer, developer, project lead, project manager, customer support lead, program manager, pre-sales technical support, consultant, “evangelist” and CTO.

In his quest for achieving the proper application of technology, Raj has moved from vertical to vertical, designing and creating solutions. He has worked in the manufacturing, pharmaceutical, finance, education and retail domains, and is currently learning the ropes of the Digital Marketing business.

Raj has been involved with SQL Server since version 6.5 on Windows NT. When SQL Server 2000 first introduced Analysis Services, he fell in love with the MDX language, and remains in love with it despite being tempted by DAX and numerous improvements in the T-SQL language itself. He considers a properly written query in any language a thing of rare beauty.


Session Details

Session Title & Code Abstract Level Track
Shaping your SQL and MDX queries for various client scenarios – (DEV-07I) We all spend a lot of time optimizing the ‘selection’ part of our queries: the part that follows WHERE in SQL. But in today’s world, the ‘projection’ part, the part between SELECT and FROM, is also very important, especially considering the wide variety of client software that the query results can end up in. This session looks at a selection of client scenarios and software, and discusses how to write SQL and MDX queries in a manner which provides most power to these scenarios. Intermediate DEV/DBA
SSRS : Exactly how powerful is it? Some unusual use cases – (BIA-03B) Usually, Reporting Services is associated with boring old tabular reports, with maybe a chart or a crosstab thrown in. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In this session, we will see reporting services being used to produce some unusual and interesting kind of reports, including trellis charts, heat maps and dynamic infographics. We will also see some interesting ways of making reports interactive. Basic BIA


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