Sarabpreet Singh


Sarabpreet Singh

Consultant, Speaker, Trainer, Blogger and Community Lead, India

Sarabpreet is a SQL Server MVP, Consultant, Speaker, Trainer, Blogger and Community Lead. He is also president of – one of the fastest growing SQL Community in Asia. He has 10+ years of experience and worked with industry leaders. He holds many SQL certifications under his belt including Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT). His core competency lies in handling VLDBs & designing HA\DR solutions. Always ready to help. His life’s mantra is “Knowledge Increases by sharing, so pass it on”. Apart from his SQL Savvy life he is also a Gadget freak & loves to spend his time with his family.


Session Details

Session Title Abstract Level Track
DBA vs Developer – (DEV-08I) Ahmad and Sarabpreet are back with their blockbuster session from popular SQL Server Day Events (fresh content has been added)
Bugs, Crashes, Meltdowns, we lead into issues almost every day. The foremost thing we do is to find whose fault it is. Is it the developer who wrote the bad code or is it the DBA who didn’t plan the maintenance? It’s high time we take over this blame game and decide issues as a squad. In this grueling, demo heavy session, Sarabpreet and Ahmad will play as a DBA and developer to resolve real life bugs and performance issues collectively.
If you receive such kind of friction between these two in your organization this session is for you.
Intermediate DEV/DBA


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