Stuart Padley


Stuart Padley

Group Program Manager, Microsoft, USA

Stuart Padley is Group Program Manager in the Microsoft SQL Server team, working on Azure SQL Database Elastic Scale technologies, SQL Data Warehouse and SQL Server Stretch Database. He has been with Microsoft since 1997 and has worked in the Engineering team on pretty much anything & everything to do with databases.


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Session Title & Abstract Abstract Level Track
Azure SQL Data Warehouse (inc. similarities/differences with APS) – (BD-04I) Azure SQL Data Warehouse is a fully managed, elastic and petabyte-scale columnar data-warehouse service that’s fully compatible and integrated with the Microsoft SQL Server and BI ecosystem. This is the first enterprise class Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) cloud data warehouse service to enable customers to scale compute capacity up or down in seconds. SQL Data Warehouse can independently scale storage and compute power, so customers only pay for the query performance they need. Built on top of SQL Server, SQL Data Warehouse offers access to a large data warehouse ecosystem of tools that support data loading, transformation, visualization, and analytical scenarios—including Microsoft Power BI, Azure HDInsight, Machine Learning, and Data Factory, as well as supporting hybrid implementations of modern data warehousing. SQL Data Warehouse, together with Microsoft’s on-premises Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) modern data warehouse, the Analytics Platform System (APS), offer customers a choice: in the cloud, on-premises or both, truly enabling a modern hybrid approach to data driven analytics and data warehousing. Intermediate BD
SQL Server 2016 Stretch Database (transparently stretch SQL Server tables to Azure) – (CL-08I) Tables grown so big you dread to re-index? Long DB restore times due to large amounts of cold data? SAN budget all used up but end-users won’t allow data truncation? Imagine a solution that stretches a SQL Server table to Azure without application changes. Existing apps/queries continue to work. Maintenance operations take less time and resources while overall cost is lowered. Come find out how you can leverage this hybrid deployment while DBAs retain full control from the on-premises SQL Server. Intermediate CL


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