Swastik Chakraborty


Swastik Chakraborty

Datacenter Architect, HP, India

Swastik Chakraborty is the Datacenter Architect for HP in India. He is responsible for enabling sales teams to compete more aggressively, more confidently and more successfully by providing direct specialist support to the most strategic accounts using B4B approach.

Swastik started his career as a Space Scientist in India Space Research Organization (Similar to NASA, America). He has been a key contributor towards Ground Segment planning and Implementation of Indian Moon Mission (Chandrayaan), Indian Space Science Data Center, multiple Spacecraft Control Centers in India.

Before joining HP, Swastik was managing the Pre-Sales Technology Support operation of Cisco in India. He has been a key resource in Cisco in the field of Solution Designing, application capacity planning as well as supporting all the Partner-Plus Partners in India, Bangladesh and SriLanka.

Swastik is Masters in Electronics from Calcutta University and is based at Bangalore, India.


Session Details

Session Title & Code Abstract Level Track
New Style of IT for New Style of Workload – (DBA-12I) Tier 1 mission critical data processing demands in the OLTP realm often require very high transactional performance databases and are often implemented using dedicated physical database servers and storage. The high I/O and low latency requirements of these tier 1 databases preclude platform sharing with lower priority tier 2 databases.
In addition to raw performance, these tier 1 systems must have high availability, and strong fault tolerance.
On the other hand, tier 2 business critical systems are often built using several smaller database servers and shared storage. This combination of physical and virtual servers deployed on multiple platforms often strains IT resources to manage and has extended costs in terms of licensing and maintenance.

A platform that can be used to address both business challenges need:

  • An uncompromising high performance solution that also provides high availability, and
  • An easy-to-manage mixed workload solution that accommodates multiple tenant databases while keeping costs and management complexity down.
Intermediate DBA


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