Harsh Thakur


Harsh Thakur

Senior Software Engineer Manager, Microsoft

Harsh Thakur started his career as an intern at Microsoft and went on to become an Engineering Manager in < 10 years. Currently he Leads the engineering portfolio that works on building warehousing and analytical solutions for Microsoft Business which report revenues up to 6 billion USD annually. Harsh played a variety of roles in his career starting off as a developer, then followed by short stints as Tester and Program manager. He moved back to being a senior developer working on Tera Byte scale warehouse built on SQL Server 2008. He continued to be in the developer role for next 5 years working across a variety of data warehouses for Microsoft and worked on every SQL Server release starting from SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2016. Performance tuning and data modeling are other areas of Harsh’s interest in addition to technology stack. Harsh holds a bachelors’ degree in Computer Science and Engineering from C.B.I.T Hyderabad. When not working on data, Harsh enjoys a varied kinds of activities like sports, gaming, travelling to remote places by road etc. He loves to interact and mentor people in their career. Harsh is a part time wildlife, current affairs enthusiast.


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