Joe Yong


Joe Yong

Program Manager, Microsoft, USA

Joe Yong is currently a program manager in the SQL Server team working on Stretch Database. He was part of the original core incubation team of 3 that started this project almost 2 years ago. Most of his time is spent making sure the engine and service solves the right customer problems, in the right way. He also tries to ensure they can be deployed and managed by customers without help from Yoda, gallons of Jolt cola or keyboard smashing (unless it’s one of those noisy clickety ones – those need to be smashed). Other SQL Server projects Joe worked on include upgrade, migrate, Power BI and replay. Joe’s areas of focus are typically on performance, security, infrastructure, scalability and manageability. Between stints at Microsoft, he spent several years as a consultant working with organizations around the world mostly with SQL Server but also other enterprise databases. When not working with SQL Server, Joe pretends to onsight 5.11s while endlessly warming up on 5.8s. He is also seeking a cure to his 3-year old Australian Labradoodle’s obsession with squeaky tennis balls (I suspect cross-DB referential integrity might be easier to solve. :).


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