Welcome Mail @ SSGAS 2015

Hi There,


On the onset, SQLServerGeeks team thanks you for registering for SQLServerGeeks Annual Summit 2015. Second, we extend a warm welcome to you!

You are getting this email since you are a registered attendee of SQLServerGeeks Annual Summit 2015. Please do not unsubscribe, otherwise you will miss out on important updates.

This conference is special to us. This is the first time ever, we are organizinga large scale professional SQL Conference in India. And that is why, this is Asia’s First SQL Conference. 50+ speakers, 20 of them flying from all across the globe, 70+ sessions, 1000 attendees, Microsoft SQL CAT team members from Redmond are just few metrics to start with. You will be part of this amazing ride of knowledge flow for all three days.

IT IS HOUSE FULL! Simply put, we are SUPER EXCITED! Keep watching our FB page for regular updates: www.facebook.com/SQLServerGeeks

So here are all the details that you have been waiting for:

SSGAS2015 is being held at NIMHANS Convention Center. Here is the address:

NIMHANS Convention Center
Hosur Road, Lakkasandra, Behind Bus Stop, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560030
(Next to NIMNANS Medical College) (Close to Dairy Circle, after flyover)

Who do you call if you need assistance with the address/location? Call Tanzeem at +91 9844948977 or Sangeeta at +91 7847016861.

Schedule & Floor Plan
Download this file and print it as a ready reference: http://bit.ly/SSGASPrint

Arrival Time
Please come a little early, say by 7.30 AM or 8 AM on first day for registration. You may need to park your vehicle, locate the registration counter,etc.You will also need to collect entry pass and welcome kit and settle down for the keynote!
We will start all sessions sharp on time! (It’s always better to come a little early)

Photo ID
Please bring a valid Govt. Issued photo ID and/or company’s ID card.

Lunch & Snacks
Lunch and Snacks coupons will be provided when you receive the entry pass and welcome kit.Please provide this coupon at the lunch and snacks counters.

There will be no laptops or computers provided to the attendees. If you want to carry your own laptop, please ensure it has enough battery backup. Our suggestion would be not to carry laptop, rather learn from the sessions and interact with the experts as much as you can.

We will have limited internet connectivity at the venue. However, we cannot guarantee robustness of the same. If internet is super-critical to you, please have a backup like a USB

Ample parking is available inside the convention center.

Attendee Get-Together!
There will be lot of opportunities to meet international speakers, Microsoft CAT team and experts from across the globe. Every moment is an opportunity to meet and learn. Spend enough time in Sponsors and Exhibitors area to meet the members of SQL community.

Final words:
Have a good night’s sleep all the days to be fresh to take all you can from the conference.
And yes, do not forget to download this file and print it as a ready reference: http://bit.ly/SSGASPrint

If we have missed anything or if you have any other question, respond to this mail and let us know. Mamita (our Conference Coordinator) will respond! You can also call Mamita at +91 9503124667.

We look forward to welcome you at the Asia’s first, the only & the largest SQL Conference!