The more you learn, the more you earn!

“The more you Learn, The more you earn” – quote by Frank Clark, always inspires me to strive for new learning and implement those learning into my routine life irrespective of personal or professional. Being a decade old SQL Server professional, experienced a wide spectrum of SQL Server versions from 2000 to 2016 (Wow! 7 different versions. Kicked off experiencing & sharing SQL 20161, 2, 3).  Every other version launching of SQL Server strikes to my mind – how to learn, from where to get best updates, who is going to help identifying best solutions, utility & features. This was just not to help me continuing pay checks and enjoy little luxury, however I would get more “earning” in terms of respect in organization, SQL server community & among SQL Server professional with whom I’m directly or indirectly associated.

Aug-2015 was a milestone of my professional career. I’d participated in Asia’s first SQL Server Conference happened in Bangalore. Not just as participant, I contributed in conference as core member and the kind of learning I’d, going to remain with me forever. This conference gave me lot of visibility in my organization & professional circle. Not because of pictures I posted/tagged on social networking sites, simply because the kind of learning I “earned” over period of few days at conference from Microsoft Data Platform Program managers, Premier field engineers, SQL Server Stalwarts & great industry leaders. Felt like a dream come true to sit in wonderful in-person sessions and carry tons & tons of information which google couldn’t deliver after several years of surfing. I “earned” a lot of confidence, “earned” new friends, “earned” ability to contact to those great icons in field of Microsoft SQL Server.



I “earned” a lot from SQL Server conference, and now those earnings are paying me off well in terms of monitory/professional growth, respect, visibility & confidence. I experienced closely myself moving from a classic SQL Server Technologist to an epicenter of SQL Server Technology with my current organization.


PS –

Convinced enough, moving forward any such conference happens in India I would be one to join those to horn my skill sets and to continue my journey of “more learning & more earning”. Wow! SSG community has announced SQL Server Summit 2016 happening in Aug-2016 and I’ve registered myself and strongly recommend to nears & dears associated with SQL Server some or other way.

Happy Learning!

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Avanish carries around 15 years of experience in IT industry. He is post graduate in Computer Science, followed by Masters in Business Administration. He has worked on multiple technologies like SQL Server, .net & Sybase with world largest bank(s)/IT consulting firm(s) like JPMorganChase, CapGemini, Datamatics etc. Currently holds position of Database Architect in BioPharma Global Leader. His area of focus are SQL Server DB Engine, Security, Storage, Virtualization & Infrastructure Consolidation. Passionate for delivering Database IT Infrastructure to satisfy and exceed the needs of the enterprise. You may find him active on various forums like SQLBangalore, SQLServerGeeks & many more. His SQL Server passion helped him to be the Core Team member of Asia's First SQL Server Conference in 2015 @ Bangalore (#SSGAS2015).

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