What is Pre-Con and what to expect out of it?

Pre-Con is an acronym for Pre-Conference. Pre-Conference is held usually one or two days in advance of the actual conference. Taking place before the main conference, these technical Pre-Cons are focused, in-depth, interactive, classroom-based learning sessions led by Industry experts.
SQLServerGeeks Annual Summit 2015 is doing parallel pre-con seminars, each delivered by a MASTER! This Pre-conference will add value to your conference experience by providing you with exclusive content not provided during the main conference. In addition to the content you will obtain, the pre-conference is also a great networking opportunity, as this will allow you to connect with other individuals that have the similar interests as yourself.

Participants will get a much deeper explanation of complex topics which is not easy in a typical 45-60 minute session during the main conference. No doubt Conference brings a lot of value and helps a lot to learn concepts, but it offers a variety of topics related to different tracks and interests wherein Pre-Con is a 8-hour dedicated, focused, in-depth, deep dive training. These pre-cons are specially customized by experts which will help you gain knowledge from Zero to Hero.

The informal, small group nature of the sessions also allows each participant to receive one-to-one time with the Experts and therefore provide the perfect opportunity to ask direct questions relating to specific challenges faced in their environment/job. Attending these pre-cons might enable you to find concrete solutions to practical problems related to your environment. This will also prepare you for the session content and hands-on labs that are offered throughout the next 3 days!


The very same pre-cons with the same content from same speakers are offered around the globe at around 300-400 USD ($) but we are thankful to our experts that with the help of their cooperation we are able to bring down the cost to ~100 USD ($).

The pre-cons align to DBA, Developer, Analytics, and Cloud & Big Data. Pre-Cons will happen on August 26 and are priced separately. Regular Conference is from Aug 27 to 29. Here is the list of pre-cons being offered at the moment.

1.       Storage and Virtualization for DBAs (Denny Cherry)

2.       Power BI (Alberto Ferrari)

3.       Moving from Relational to Big Data (Praveen Srivatsa)

4.       SQL Server Query Tuning & Optimization (Benjamin Nevarez)


In Pre-Cons you’ll get the highly customized training material including deck, Training manual, scripts etc.

Hope you are now clear about pre-cons and you understand the value of attending this pre-con. Please follow this link to know more about the agenda and register for SQLServerGeeks.com Pre-con sessions.

“It’s your career and you must take charge & invest in your learning to get better pay hike because Knowledge is Power (knowledge is the only thing you need – to crack your next interview & to get that dream job with fatty paycheck) $$$ 😉

Now stop dreaming and register for the conference.  See you at the conference.



Sarabpreet Singh

SQL Server – MVP

President – SQLServerGeeks.com


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