what to expect out of PreCon004 | SQL Server Query Tuning & Optimization

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As you know SQLServerGeeks Annual Summit 2015 has parallel pre-con seminars, each delivered by a Master! The next Pre-Con is “SQL Server Query Tuning & Optimization” and the speaker is Benjamin Nevarez. Yes the same Benjamin, who authored multiple books on SQL Server performance tuning and optimization.

This is a must attend Pre-Con/training for App DBAs and Developers. Anyone can write queries, but only few people are there who understands the algorithm behind optimizer and who can write optimized queries which help Query Optimizer to prepare an efficient plan. If you want to learn tuning and optimizing queries this pre-con training session is literally indispensable for you.

The most promising feature so far is In-Memory OLTP (Hekaton) in terms of Performance. In-Memory OLTP will also be covered in this training along with:

  • Troubleshoot queries using extended events, SQL trace, dynamic management views (DMVs), the data collector, and other tools.
  • Work with query operators for data access, joins, aggregations, parallelism.
  • Speed up queries and dramatically improve application performance by creating the right indexes
  • Understand statistics and how to detect and fix cardinality estimation errors
  • Monitor and promote plan caching and reuse to improve application performance
  • Improve the performance of data warehouse queries using column store indexes
  • Handle query processor limitations with hints and other methods

So don’t let this opportunity go-away like this, register for this pre-con and get training by world renowned and favorite author.



Why to consider Benjamin Nevarez as a Master for this Pre-Con session?

Benjamin is a SQL Server MVP who got a wealth of knowledge related to Query tuning and optimization, he understands the algorithm inside out. He has got over 20 years of experience and been a speaker at many conferences around the globe that’s the reason he is a champ in explaining complex topics very well. He authored many SQL Server query tuning and optimization books which are referred by numerous SQL Professionals. People look forward to him for his expert advice on these topics which proves that he is a true Master.

To register for this Pre-Con visit: https://www.sqlservergeeks.com/summit2015/pre-conference-seminars/

Or http://precon.SSGAS2015.com


If you are still wondering what is pre-con and what to expect out of it – then read this blog post: https://www.sqlservergeeks.com/what-is-pre-con-and-what-to-expect-out-of-it/


Sarabpreet Singh Anand

SQL Server MVP


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