Winners Announcement – Webcast Quiz – 21 Feb 2012 Tue-Locking Internals by Amit Bansal

Hi Geeks,

We thank all the attendees who participated in the webcast quiz – 21 Feb 2012 Tue-Locking Internals by Amit Bansal. The quiz was hosted here:

The quiz question was:

Which Trace Flag disables Lock escalation ‘completely’?

Option A: 1221

Option B: 1222

Option C: 1223

Option D: 1224

Option E: none of them

The right answer is Option E: none of them. Trace Flag 1211 is the right trace flag which is not listed as an option. Many of you have given the right answer; however only 3 lucky winners are selected as the prize recipients. The 3 lucky winners are:


Ravi Kumar, ChandanPandey & ShanjanSapra.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Winners are requested to send their full address at mamita<at>peoplewareindia<dot>com.

Please note that prizes will be shipped only within India.

We hope our members are enjoying all the community activities that we are conducting. Do continue your participation.



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