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Announcing Asia’s first and the only SQL Server Conference: SQLServerGeeks Annual Summit 2015

Effect Of CONCAT_NULL_YIELDS_NULL For Computed Columns In Sql Server

SQL Server Day in Bangalore, Delhi NCR & Hyderabad on January 17, 2015

SQL Server in Windows Server Environment

Synonyms in SQL Server

SQL Server – Understanding Logical Query Processing (LQP)

Drop Index on View in SQL Server

SQL Sever SERVERPROPERTY – The Unused Power

DBA – How to choose a career path

Vote for my session at SQLBits

Consolidated DMV Series – Final Part – Day 80 – One DMV a Day

Consolidated DMV Scripts – Part 2 – Day 79 – One DMV a Day

Consolidated DMV scripts – Part 1 – Day 78 – One DMV a Day

Auto parameterization in SQL Server

sys.dm_db_xtp_index_stats – Day 77 – One DMV a Day

sys.dm_db_xtp_nonclustered_index_stats – Day 76 – One DMV a Day

SQL Server new query window shortcut

SQL Server error message 3159

SQL function to get weekday – weekly calendar

Insert multiple rows using single Insert statement in SQL Server