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This is my 41st blog on SQL Server Trace Flag 4031 in the series of One Trace Flag a Day. You can go to all blogs under that series by clicking here.

Trace flag 4031 writes both bytes and ASCII representation of send buffer. Here you can see the data sent by SQL Server to client. Let me show you practically.

We can enable this trace flag globally. Let me enable it from startup parameters from SQL Server configuration Manager and restart the sql service.


Now run the below TSQL to check trace flag is ON or not and what is written to error log.

Trace flag 4031 is ON but Nothing written about send buffer in error log. Turn on the trace flag 3605 to log these things in error log.


We can say it is working for us somewhat like DBCC OUTPUTBUFFER. If you ever used this trace flag ever for troubleshooting kind of thing then we will be more than happy to read your comments.

Don’t forget to turn off the trace flag 3605 and also remove the trace flag 4031 from startup parameters and restart the services.

PS: Do not use trace flags in production environment without testing it on non production environments and without consulting because everything comes at a cost.


Prince Kumar Rastogi

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