10 Reasons why Azure SQL is the best Database for Developers by Davide Mauri

To steal a quote from Python that perfectly applies here, Azure SQL is “batteries included.” It’s got everything you need. Lots of things have changed from when SQL Server was released to the market decades ago, and even more from when Azure SQL was made available in the cloud. In this session we’ll see what Azure SQL offers to the modern developer and how each of the following features can help in reducing application complexity and increasing development efficiency. Along with relational features, an amazing number of post-relational features like JSON and Graph support, columnar storage and in-memory lock-free structures are available to developers to leave to the database the burden to efficiently manipulate and crunch data, so that they can focus on design architectures, implementing the business logic in the most clean and elegant way possible. Having all such features all available for one scalable database is unique in the market. Come learn how to take advantage of everything Azure SQL can offer to a developer


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