Completed – Advanced Transact SQL workshop – Hyderabad, January 2012

Hi Friends,

Continuing my commitment to clear the back log, here is my experience delivering advanced Transact SQL workshop for Microsoft engineers at India Development Center in Hyderabad.

This SQL Server training assignment in India was organized by Peopleware India –

This was my second assignment of the year.

Prior to this assignment, I completed an SQL Server High Availability assignment – you can find that blog here:

An assignment from Microsoft is always challenging and this was no different. I have always found matured audience at Microsoft campuses and there is always something to learn from them while you deliver classes for them.

T-SQL workshops are always innovative in some way or the other. Just like a math problem can be solved in multiple ways, a query could be written in many ways. And its always so interesting when I show a demo where I compare performance of two queries giving the same output, a participant from the class comes up with another way of writing the same query, not always better in terms of performance :), but sometimes more simpler constructs. This time I fielded some fundamental questions related to semi-joins and anti-semi joins. And I realized that sometimes explaining fundamentals is more difficult than explaining advanced concepts.


This was a 2 day workshop and I thoroughly enjoyed this T-SQL workshop. The audience was very interactive and they liked my examples, and I was glad to make new friends, as always.

Food is always so good at Microsoft campus 🙂 and varieties too 🙂

Here are is the Pic from the class:


The gallery page on Peopleware India site is updated as well:

My next assignment was with a technology firm in Bangalore. I delivered 2 batches side-by-side. Yes, DBA in the morning & BI in the evening 🙂 – blogging about it soon!

If you are looking for SQL Server training / consulting for your company / people, you can get write to enquiry<at>peoplewareindia<dot>com or visit




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