DPS 2017 Speaker Announcement – Dr.Subramani Paramasivam, Data Platform MVP, MCT, Principal Architect & Returning Speaker from UK

Dear Data/Analytics Geeks,

Brace yourself as we announce the next Speaker of DPS 2017.

Join me in welcoming MVP, MCT & Principal Architect from UK

Dr. Subramani Paramasivam

Subramani Paramasiva
Meet Subramani @ DPS 2017

Please join me in welcoming Dr Subramani Paramasivam, a returning speaker from SSGAS 2015 and SSGAS 2016

Dr.Subramani Paramasivam is a MVP, PhD, Microsoft Certified Trainer, PowerBI Local Group Leader and Principal Solutions Architect at DAGEOP UK Ltd., Having 19+ years of DB, BI, Analytics experience. He is also a frequent speaker in PASS Summit, SQLBITS, SQL Saturdays, SQLServerGeeks Summit, INSIDESQL UK, Data Awareness Programmes, Data Day Events, MCT Summit.

He likes to enlighten the education & data and started his own FREE data awareness programme (www.dataap.org) in remote areas who are in need.

He speaks a lot about Data Science, Statistical Analysis using Revolution R, Analytics, DB & SQL Server Architecture, DBA, Performance Tuning, Partitioning, Resource Governor, Disaster Recovery, High Availability, Development, T-SQL Programming and Microsoft certifications.

Subramani will present Breakout sessions, Open-Talks and Chalk-Talks at Data Platform Summit 2017.


Subramani is equally excited to be part of Asia’s largest Data and Analytics conference.

What does it mean for you? This is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from experts

DPS 2017 has a battery of power-packed speakers for the Data and Analytics community in Asia. Keep watching this space for our next announcement!

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And I hope you have not missed the highlights from SSGAS 2016  and SSGAS 2015



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