Failure Inserting into the Read-Only Column

A common snag that I have seen while using the Import & Export wizard over the years is running into – Failure Inserting into the Read-Only Column. Lot of us have panicked but the reality is to simply click on the check box OR write a 2 line tsql code. Here is what the error looks like when inserting into an Identity column:

Error 0xc0202049: Data Flow Task 1: Failure inserting into the read-only column “ID”.(SQL Server Import and Export Wizard)

I will be presenting 2 quick methods

Using the Wizard

  • In the Import Export Wizard, after selecting the table(s) for copy, click on Edit Mappings


  • In here click on Enable identity insert — this will let you copy your identity columns


Using TSQL

  • Before starting the Import Export Wizard you can type this

-- start Import Export Wizard process and once data is loaded correctly
-- execute the following


~ Adios


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3 Comments on “Failure Inserting into the Read-Only Column”

  1. Hi dear Khan,

    Could you please help me in inserting into a date field which is read only and calculated column ,I want to insert the data from another table and I want to load that column to my destination whee as its calculated column (getdate ())

    1. Thanks. I’m no SQL Server expert and I was sweating bullets over this one. Even though I was messing with a development instance I was still stuck. Thanks for taking the time to post this resolution. Worked like a charm.

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