Before we start the same old story, let’s understand “Why?” Why security is so much important even to leadership / higher management? Why auditors are always asking so many questions around it? The answer is pretty simple; Data is like life blood to any business & no business can afford to lose its data.

To understand this just imagine one of your close friend has an Email ID on Gmail and he is using it as his primary account now what if tomorrow your friends account on Gmail gets compromised along with a few 100 other accounts due to some security loophole in Gmail; Will you ever trust Gmail again? Are you sure you’ll consider opening an account on Gmail even if you are not paying anything? This is called loss of trust & goodwill and this is one of the many reasons for companies to invest so heavily in security. Loss of goodwill means loss of customer and ultimately you are out of business.


Now if you can’t convince yourself to use the services of a vendor even for free if there is a risk of security breach. How your customers and Investors will ever trust you if you are not prepared for such security breach issues.


What security has to do with SQL Server?

Security has many meanings and there are multiple layers to it, to some people security simply means restricting the access to SQL Server while others feel secure only after the data is encrypted.

SQL Server security is much more complex than this; it starts right from the point you plan to install SQL Server and it’s an ongoing activity. In next couple of weeks I’ll try to document all possible security steps, features & best practices to secure your SQL environment.


Happy Learning!

Sarabpreet Singh Anand


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