Simple cursor in SQL Server

A cursor is a way to iterate each row one by one in a SQL Server table. Although, T-SQL is a set based language however, many a times need arises to do row by row operations. Below is a simple cursor in SQL Server to select values from a table.

--simple cursor in sql server 
Declare @orderid int, @orderqty int
-- declare a cursor
DECLARE sample_cursor CURSOR FOR 
SELECT SalesOrderId,OrderQty from Sales.SalesOrderDetail

-- open cursor and fetch first row into variables
OPEN sample_cursor
FETCH NEXT FROM sample_cursor into @orderid,@orderqty

-- check for a new row
-- do complex operation here
PRINT 'Order ID: ' + CAST(@orderid as varchar(12)) + ' Order Qty: ' + CAST(@orderqty as varchar(12))
-- get next available row into variables
FETCH NEXT FROM sample_cursor into @orderid,@orderqty 
close sample_cursor
Deallocate sample_cursor

1_simple cursor in sql server

The query declares a sample_cursor to iterate through Sales.SalesOrderDetail table. The @@Fetchstatus function returns the status of the last cursor FETCH against a cursor, where 0 means successful, -1 is failed or row is not in result set and -2 means that row fetched is not present in the cursor.  Thus, we can iterate through a cursor while @@Fetchstatus =0. The complex operation is done inside the while loop. The example shown here is just to explain the cursor; it doesn’t perform any complex operation.

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