SQL Server 2012 – Determining the size of a Columnstore index

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By this time, many of you already know about columnstore indexes, a column store architecture that groups and stores data for each column on separate pages and then joins all the columns to return data, as required.

Note that you can have only one columnstore index per table and as per Microsoft guidelines, you may want to put many columns in that one index. I am a little scared of putting ‘many’ columns in that one index 🙂 – thus keeping an eye on the size of your columnstore index is critical. Here is a simple example to show how you can determine the size of a columnstore index. The query is widely available on MSDN & TechNet sites.

Here is my customized demo – fill in the blanks and analyze the size of the objects yourself and do post your observations as comments…

USE AdventureWorksDWDenali;
-- observe the size of the table
sp_spaceused N'dbo.FactProductInventory'
--what's the size??
-- let us create a non clustered index
ON [dbo].[FactProductInventory] ([DateKey],[ProductKey])
INCLUDE ([UnitCost],[UnitsOut]);
-- observe the size of the Non-clustered index
select (page_count * 8)/1024 as IndexSizeInMB from sys.dm_db_index_physical_stats
(db_id(),object_id(N'dbo.FactProductInventory'), NULL, NULL, 'SAMPLED')
where index_id > 0
--whats the size??
--create a non clustered columnstore index
ON dbo.FactProductInventory
-- determine the size of the columnstore index
SELECT SUM(on_disk_size_MB) AS TotalSizeInMB
   (SELECT SUM(css.on_disk_size)/(1024.0*1024.0) on_disk_size_MB
    FROM sys.indexes AS i
    JOIN sys.partitions AS p
    ON i.object_id = p.object_id 
    JOIN sys.column_store_segments AS css
    ON css.hobt_id = p.hobt_id    WHERE i.object_id = object_id('FactProductInventory') 
    UNION ALL   (SELECT SUM(csd.on_disk_size)/(1024.0*1024.0) on_disk_size_MB
    FROM sys.indexes AS i
    JOIN sys.partitions AS p
    ON i.object_id = p.object_id 
    JOIN sys.column_store_dictionaries AS csd
    ON csd.hobt_id = p.hobt_id    WHERE i.object_id = object_id('FactResellerSalesPtnd') 
    ) AS SegmentsPlusDictionary
-- whats the size??

Will wait for your observations as comments 🙂



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