SQL Server 2012 – Speaking at Great Indian Developer Summit (GIDS) – April 2012

Hi Friends,

This is turning out to be a fantastic year of conferences and speaking engagements. And God & my well-wishers continue to bless & wish… I haven’t been luckier before.

The year begun with me traveling to Redmond in the last week of Jan for SQL BareMetal workshop; I blogged about that here;

In February end, I travelled again to Redmond for MVP Summit 2012. I am yet pen down my experience on that.

Last month (in March) I had the privilege of delivering session at SQL Bits 10 in London, SQLBits being Europe’s largest SQL conference. I announced that here:

I am yet to blog my experience on SQLBits in London; albeit, it was an awesome conference.

And this month in April, I am speaking at Great Indian Developer Summit 2012 at Indian Institute of Sciences at Bangalore. I am delivering two sessions on Tuesday, 17 April 2012; SQL Server 2012 for Developers and my most popular session in “Indexing” 🙂 –

I had heard about GIDS before; it’s a great conference with more than 3000 developers attending it this year. All biggies like Microsoft, Nokia, Telerik, etc sponsor the event and many non-Microsoft technologies are covered as well. It’s again a great networking opportunity for me to meet the Bangalore audience and so many speakers who are industry experts on various technologies.

Apart from all these global conferences, our own SQLServerGeeks.com has been organizing highly successful SQL Server Day events in Bangalore, Kolkata & Mumbai with more than 350 SQL geeks attending the events in total. In fact, I am writing this blog immediately after concluding the SQL Server Day event today in Mumbai (14 April) and I was overwhelmed to see more than 100 people attending it – cheers to the Mumbai audience; and they appreciated the sessions so well; our facebook page has been flooding with comments 🙂 – see 

Here is a pic from SQL Server Day Bangalore 17 March 2012:

1_SQL_Server_2012_Speaking_at_Great_Indian_Developer_Summit _GIDS_April2012


For more pics of our Bangalore event, browse:

Here is a pic from our Kolkata event:

2_SQL_Server_2012_Speaking_at_Great_Indian_Developer_Summit _GIDS_April2012

For more pics of our Bangalore event, browse:

And here is a pic from our latest Mumbai event:

3_SQL_Server_2012_Speaking_at_Great_Indian_Developer_Summit _GIDS_April2012

SQL Server training, consulting, content development continues for me as usual across the length and breadth of Asia Pacific, primarily in India.

Its early morning now, and I am off to Bangalore for Great Indian Developer Summit. Will blog my experience there shortly; yes I know too many pending blogs 🙂




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