SQL Server Change Data Capture Application

I have written a SQL Server Change Data Capture GUI interface to facilitate for CDC operations. The project is hosted here https://sqlcdcapp.codeplex.com/. Feel free to download, review and suggest changes. You can even download the source code and implement things too.

Download it here

Release 1.2


Bug Fixes
– fixed error in sqlcdcidloader path in SQL Agent path
– delete doesn’t work when it’s the first statement for increment data load
– delete and update now work on tables with composite primary keys

– MDI parent form
– Reporting

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3 Comments on “SQL Server Change Data Capture Application”

  1. Ahmad, this is awesome. No ETL / SSIS packages required from what i see, haven’t gone through the code though. How can this be extended to Oracle / sybase / DB2? Not sure what those technologies use in context of CDC?

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