SQL Server Day 25 Jan 2014 – Hyderabad – Amit’s quote “Rocked as usual”

The SQL Server Day, 25th January 2014, Hyderabad. After a long gap of two months, the first event for SQL Server Geeks in Hyderabad has started with a rich flavor beyond SQL Server. Yes, this time we had a Responsive UI session which is beyond SQL Server and covers HTML 5 and CSS 3. And a SQL Server Geeks event without an SQL session is not what we look forward for. So there was an overdose of internals on SQL OS which helps a SQL Geek to actually understand how SQL handles your requests.


The event started late due to some miscommunication between the facilities and securities at Microsoft but we are thankful to them to arrange everything on such a short notice. And I personally appreciate the patience of all the attendees who were there before 9 AM to start with the registration process and waited at the gate. And I am totally amused for your passion towards SQL Server and this community. This is what keeps us motivated in conducting such large events.


The first session has a take away for each individual in understanding how to design your UI and was well received by all the audience. As always the experts of the community strive to deliver the best of knowledge and Hima has not left a doubt in achieving this. The interactions which continued into the break explains how well the session was received. I am happy that we didn’t fell short of any snacks this time as even I got a chance to taste few.




I like the expression on the audience face when they see something on the screen which is awesome. Yes, I am talking about the windbg demos in the SQL OS session. I have heard Bob Ward say that if you have to amuse your audience in the middle of the session you just have to bring the windbg up and show the debugging of the memory stack. With this knowledge I am pretty sure most of the attendees will save on opening case with Microsoft on known bugs which generate crash dumps on non-yielding scheduler. And you are saved from restarting the SQL Services when you know you have a deadlock scheduler scenario and your tasks are starved of workers.




The take away from this session is just the beginning of the wide SQL OS subject and there will be more on the internals which will help the geeks to involve in any technical discussions and to be able to explain the root cause for many issues which you can fix.

Last but not the least I would like to thank each and every individual personally who has attended and made these events a grand success. Hyderabad SQLServerGeeks community rocks always.

And a must watch, our video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAFhDwXxlzM

You can view the feed on the events at below links:

25th January, 2014 – Attendee Feedback & Comments



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