SQL Server Day in Gurgaon on Feb 21 2015

Hi Friends,

This was a special day in the history of SQL Server Days in Gurgaon and I was waiting for this one from a long time. The reason was the first appearance of Amit Bansal in SQL Server Day Gurgaon after he got his MCM Certification (Microsoft Certified Master) and awarded as Microsoft Regional Director. It’s a privilege to share the stage with Amit Bansal and I am happy I got a chance :). We kick started our SQL Server day on 21st Feb by way of congratulating Amit Bansal for all these credentials.


Amit Bansal then started his first session, majority of the attendees were DBA’s and they simply loved his talk (as always). Amit explained a few case studies of CPU performance troubleshooting. Amit also explained why extended events are important to learn and demonstrated how it can really help us debug the problems. It was indeed a great session.

Many questions were asked around troubleshooting CPU & Memory Problems which were all satisfactorily answered by Amit.

Post this session Amit Bansal, Prince Rastogi and myself we all re-announced and reminded the audience about the SQLServerGeeks Annual Summit 2015. As you all know it’s a three day professional conference and the registrations are open since Jan 2015, Please go through from the following link to learn more about this conference and register for the same.



After this we took a snacks break (break is just another excuse for networking) meeting like-minded people. Amit had to catch a flight so he left in between

Then it was my turn to brag about myself and start my talk around Delayed Durability, well this session was pending since Jan 31st 2015 as a follow-up session to answer couple of questions which were out of the scope of that event but many people wanted to know more about this new feature. This session became one of the most interactive session till now during our SQL Server Days due to the kind of flexibility we get and the performance achieved by this feature. Every other DBA was trying to relate this to their workload and trying hard to understand if they can implement this technology. As a feature this is one of the favorite feature of mine from SQL Server 2014.


And with that we concluded our yet another SQL Server Day in Gurgaon. One more day spent well with SQL Community and I am happy I was able to share the knowledge with them & met with many SQL enthusiasts.

Waiting for next SQL Server Event already 🙂


Sarabpreet Singh Anand


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