SQL Server – How to repair corrupted WMI Repository?

Question of the day: How to repair corrupted WMI Repository?

Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) is the infrastructure for management data and operations on Windows-based operating systems. WMI is the Microsoft implementation of Web-based Enterprise Management (WBEM), which is an industry initiative to develop a standard technology for accessing management information in an enterprise environment.

The ability to obtain management data from remote computers is what makes WMI useful. This feature makes it indispensable for many software applications including SQL Server. SQL Server Configuration manager and SSRS Configuration manager are few examples which are dependent on WMI. Corruption of any type to WMI could be critical to all these applications.

In this post I’ll document a workaround to recreate WMI Repository.

The commands mentioned below are DOS commands to repair & recreate a corrupted WMI Repository. You can execute these steps manually or via Batch file whatever you wish:

net stop winmgmt
CD C:\windows\system32\wbem

rename repository repository.old

net start winmgmt

In the commands above we are:

  1. Stopping WMI Service
  2. Renaming Repository Folder
  3. Restarting WMI Service

To avoid such corruptions Microsoft released one Hot Fix, apply the appropriate Hot fix available for your version of Windows:


Hopefully this will help you.



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One Comment on “SQL Server – How to repair corrupted WMI Repository?”

  1. the hotfix is for windows XP only.

    does this dos commands are for windows seven aswell ?

    why not state in the article what OS are you talking about ?

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