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We bring you interviews and tech talks between SQL Server personalities. Once a while, one of our board member schedules a SQL Server interview and technical discussion with a leading SQL Server expert from the community. During the tech talk, the expert shares his technical knowledge and expertise with the listeners based on the subject of discussion. We are grateful to our guests for their valuable time. This is yet another way of learning for our members and visitors; yet another endeavor of ours. Hope you like it !

SQL Server PodCast with Mark Tabladillo

1_sql server podcastMark Tabladillo Ph.D. founded Marktab.Net and MarkTab Consulting. He started with a strong educational foundation from the world-class program in Industrial and Systems Engineering program at Georgia Institute of Technology Mark earned a doctorate (Ph.D.), and has a primary career consulting with companies across commercial and non-profit industries in the United States and around the world. Mark also demonstrates his depth in his secondary role as graduate school professor at the accredited University of Phoenix, where doctoral candidates seek him to be their dissertation mentor.

Mark regularly presents at technical conferences, writes, and produces video to share his message. Some few clients prefer the more exclusive personal one-on-one coaching. However, Mark shares his thoughts freely for a wide professional audience on this website.


Mark has earned the Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD) designation for .NET, Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP), and is a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT). He has invested in the SAS community by presenting at local, regional, and national technical conferences since 1998. He also presents at Microsoft conferences such as SQL Saturday, SQL Rally and TechEd. Microsoft has awarded Mark the annual MVP Award starting in July 2011.

In this podcast, Amit Bansal & Mark Tabladillo talk about what exactly is Data Mining and how can it help business. Mark goes on to discuss SQL Server Data Mining in specific and what have been the improvements since SQL 2000 days. Mark also talks about Microsoft’s positioning of its Data Mining capabilities against other vendors. Last but not the least, he discusses a bit on Data Mining as a career. Download and listen to the podcast and do spread the word in SQL Server community. Hope you enjoy this!

5/30/2012 3:29:07 PM | Download Audio

SQL Server PodCast with Dr. Greg Low

2_sql server podcastDr. Greg Low is a SQL Server MVP and Microsoft Regional Director for Australia. Greg is well known in the SQL Server community, particularly as the host of the www.sqldownunder.com podcast series and as a past board member of PASS. Greg is the CEO and the principal mentor for SolidQ in Australia.

In this podcast, Amit Bansal & Dr. Greg Low talk about Denali CTP 1. Dr. Greg shares his experience with new features in High Availability, Manageability & Programmability space. He talks in-depth on Always ON groups, Multi-subnet clustering, Query Editor enhancements, Contained Databases, SEQUENCE objects, etc. Download and listen to the podcast and do spread the word in SQL Server community. Hope you enjoy this!

5/29/2012 2:05:05 PM | Download Audio



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