Webinar – SSGAS 2016 Preview

Join this webinar to understand how you can gain maximum from the upcoming SQL conference in Bangalore (SSGAS 2016). SQLServerGeeks founder & SSGAS 2016 Conference Chairperson, Amit Bansal, will share important tips about how you can learn & connect with the international SQL stalwarts and network with attendees & sponsors at the summit. In this webinar, Amit will explain how & what you can gain at the conference and why this summit is an un-miss-able opportunity for you. You will understand that this summit is not a run-of-the-mill event, rather a rare expedition of 127 sessions by 60 stalwarts across 5 tracks. You will understand what can you learn in the marathon 8-hour class by Jen, Denny, Joey, Andreas & Grant.

We all want to stay ahead of the competition and we all want to command a better salary. We all want our careers to move to next level. There three ways to do that:

  1. Have advanced knowledge
  2. Have cutting-edge skills
  3. Have connections with stalwarts from your industry

SSGAS 2016 gives you all three and more. So join this webinar and Amit will share some great insights from his 15+ years of experience of attending international conferences across the globe that has taken his career to the zenith level.

Ask your questions to Amit directly. Clarify any doubts you have about sessions, speakers, content, etc. Ask him about Open-Talks & Chalk-Talks. Ask him anything that comes to your mind, except what will be available in lunch 🙂


If you want to move to the next level in your career, this summit will be a sure shot game-changer. Amit will tell you how.

WHEN: The webinar will take place on Friday 3 pm (July 22) and a repeat on Saturday 11 am (July 23). So you have two options to choose from – one weekday and another weekend.

WHAT YOU NEED: You just need your laptop & headphones with good internet connectivity.



To register for Friday 3 pm (July 22), CLICK HERE

To register for Saturday 11 am (July 23), CLICK HERE

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SSGAS 2016 Discount Code: SQLBLR

Jen Stirrup’s pre-con discount code: PRECON10

127+ Sessions are LIVE: http://goo.gl/RTPA7p

Agenda & Schedule published: http://goo.gl/3580eo

Per-Day pricing announced: http://goo.gl/hs6f7S

SSG President writes about Open-Talks & Chalk-Talks: http://goo.gl/MuwVab



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Amit Bansal is always brainstorming around SQL Server. Despite working with SQL since 1997, he is amazed that he keeps learning new things every single day. SQL Server is AB's first love, and his wife does not mind that. He tries to share as much and spreads the SQL goodness. Internals and Performance Tuning excites him, and also gives him sleepless nights at times, simply because he is not a genius, but quite a hard worker and does not give up. It has been a long and exciting journey since 1997, you can read here: http://sqlmaestros.com/amit-bansal/ He is on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/A_Bansal

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