Winners Announcement – Webcast Quiz – 15March 2012 Thurs-Index Tuning by Amit Bansal

Hi Geeks,

We thank all the attendees who participated in the webcast quiz – 15March 2012 Thurs–Amit Bansal by Amit Bansal. The quiz was hosted here:

The quiz question was:

There is a table TABLE A with 3 columns, col1, col2 & col3. Col1 has a clustered index on it. You create a composite non-clustered index on col2 & 3. The question is: will the non-clustered index automatically include col1?

Option A: Yes

Option B: No

Option C: only if we use INCLUDE clause and include col1

The right answer is Option A:Yes

Many of you have given the right answer; however only 3 lucky winners are selected as the prize recipients. The 3 lucky winners are:

  1.  Illiyaz Syed,
  2. Vishal Gajjar,
  3. Raj Kumar

Congratulations to all the winners!

Winners are requested to send their full address at mamita<at>peoplewareindia<dot>com.

Please note that prizes will be shipped only within India.

We hope our members are enjoying all the community activities that we are conducting. Do continue your participation.



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