2017’s first DPD & DPS2017 launch!

Hello Friends!

On behalf of DataPlatformGeeks taking an opportunity to share #DPS2017 (DataPlatform Summit 2017) launch on 28-Jan-2017 @ Bangalore in the presence of Shivir Chordia (Director, Microsoft Data Platform, India) & Deepak Rajendran (Community Program Manager, India).

This is the 3rd edition of Summit in consecutive years since 2015 and Asia’s largest Data Platform related conference. DPG team + eDominer worked intensively for this grand launch since last 8 months and finally the day had come. The event was an amalgamation of technology and community effort. Key note was seamlessly addressed. The day unquestionably marked #DPS2017.

Amit Bansal (Founder of DataPlatformGeeks & Architect of #SSGAS2015, #SSGAS2016 & #DPS2017) passionately involved in putting official hash-tag #DPS2017.


Shivir delivered a comprehensive opening note followed by ribbon cutting ceremony of DPS2017 official catalog. His key highlight was the road map through which database management system has moved forward, from its complexity to intricacy of features dealt in the past and to challenges to cope up in future.  His message was immensely thought provoking and gave an insight to upcoming things in the field of Data platform. His presence was poignant.


Deepak’s quick & concise note cascaded quite a bit of pieces highly important for each of us whosoever passionate about community work. He was keen on emphasizing why community work is so essential and how it ameliorates the community as a whole. Everyone involved learns and earns for betterment of self and the community. He firmly underlined on “Help each other to grow together”. Accomplishment by the people for the people.


This was first ever meet with him and no hesitation to say Deepak is a great individual and thorough community person. Break(s) in between definitely gave everyone an opportunity to share a lite moment with him.


DPG community is tightly coupled for more than a decade. As a ritual, end of every DPG event is captured+stored forever with all enthusiastic participants & community leaders. 200+ aspirants spared their valuable time to earn tons of knowledge given by community to the community. A picture says thousand words. A Kodak moment 🙂 Click! Click! Click!

Whole Community

DPG President speaking heart out here about #DPS2017. World is dynamic so the pricing for DPS2017. 01-Feb-2017 prices will be increased so well soon than later.

Another ecstatic & conversant day for Data Platform community. Looking forward to see all at #DPS2017.

Thank you!

Avanish Panchal
Regional Head – DataPlatformGeeks & DPS2017 Core Team Member
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